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A media agency for luxury and premium brands with a focused approach to media planning and buying. We innately understand our clients’ brands, competitive environments, current and potential customers, and the dynamic of an ever-changing media landscape. luXe collective group is dedicated to ensuring that every dollar invested is fully optimized.

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A full-service media planning and buying agency specializing in the premium and luxury market. Never before have consumers had so many retail, brand, and media options.
LCG excels at understanding the complexities of reaching audiences and creates media, performance and communications strategies that best deliver impact and ROI.
Through data and one-to-one engagement with their clients, LCG uncovers meaningful insights that translate into successful marketing and media programs. luXe collective group is modeled to be an extension of a clients’ organization and takes pride in optimizing every media dollar invested.


luXe collective group

Alyce Panico - luxe collective group

Alyce Panico

Chief Executive Officer

Alyce leads Agency operations while guiding the team to excellence. Armed with 20+ years, specializing in premium goods and retail, she offers unique perspective. Always proactive, Alyce strives for high touch service, curated negotiations, and innovation. A custom approach to all partnerships, she brings clients ideas for success.

Walter Coyle - luxe collective group

Walter Coyle


Walter guides agency activities, partnerships, and growth. He brings 30+ years of experience working at a variety of full service agencies and independent media agencies. He is creative, curious, has a wealth of experience with luxury and premium brands, and is passionate about continuing to build an innovative media agency for the future.

Dieter Gonzales - luxe collective group

Dieter Gonzales

EVP Chief Financial Officer

Dieter is a results driven, resourceful financial manager with a proven track record and the ability to build strong relationships both outside and within the agency environment. He supports our clients and the agency team with his strong financial control and reporting skills while also rigorously ensuring that all statutory & corporate obligations are met.

Hyun-Jung Noh - luxe collective group

Hyun-Jung Noh

VP, Director of Creative
and Digital Services

Hyun-Jung oversees all aspects of creative and digital campaigns. She brings diverse knowledge gained through global experience to our client base. Collaborative and results-driven, she develops cross-platform solutions for various sectors including fashion, food, and travel. Hyun-Jung is a Fulbright Scholar and is recognized by the Type Directors Club and The New York Times, among others.

Dennis Santos - luxe collective group

Dennis Santos

VP, Integrated Strategy

Dennis has 20+ years as a media planning leader creating cross-channel strategies for many acclaimed brands. He has extensive experience in luxury, retail, wellness, and technology. His background extends across digital and traditional, executing awareness and conversion campaigns. In his spare time he travels, cooks, and coaches youth sports.

Justin Williams - luxe collective group

Justin Williams

VP, Integrated Strategy

Justin comes with 17+ year Media experience across multiple categories including Auto, Travel, Entertainment Pharma, and an extensive background within the Luxury Fashion/Jewelry/Watch vertical. He uncovers the “wow factor” with his creative and thoughtful approach to media while providing first class client service.

Lissette Lopez - luxe collective group

Lissette Lopez

Director of Finance and Human Resources

Lissette wears several chic hats at the agency. As a Finance lead with over 15+ years of experience, she is well versed in all aspects of client billing, budgetary management, and accounting. As an HR professional, she oversees employee recruitment, retention, and growth. Lissette also has a pivotal role in office operation management. If you have a question, start with Liz!

Manuel Popa - luxe collective group

Manuel Popa

Director, SEM and Paid Social

Manuel brings years of retail and e-commerce expertise in SEM and Paid Social. He has experience across many verticals – driving both in-store visits and online sales. A detail-oriented leader, Manuel takes the complexities of performance marketing and turns them into optimal media solutions for each client’s needs. In his free time, he loves to travel!

Malissa Anthony - luxe collective group

Malissa Anthony

Director, Integrated Strategy

Malissa is a highly skilled storyteller and connector. She has built a decade-long career in strategic cross channel media planning and buying. An Oakland native who desires to inspire and bring an infectious spirit to everything she touches. You can find her celebrating all wins, but especially the small wins.

Anna Mariash - luxe collective group

Anna Mariash

Associate Media Director, Integrated Strategy

Anna comes with 10+ year Media experience planning impactful cross-channel strategies across categories including beauty, retail, and fashion. She is a creative and strategic thinker focused on innovative communications solutions that drive business goals. Her background extends across digital and traditional media campaigns. In her free time, she enjoys visiting museums in NYC.


luXe collective group is a full-service integrated media and communications agency. We employ an agnostic approach to our craft, as we are equally passionate about all media platforms. We specialize in understanding the hearts, minds, media habits and behaviors of consumers who are willing to pay more for premium products and services. Our approach toward curating media choices goes beyond science, extending to the proper amplification of brand messages, always in highly compatible editorial environments. Every program we endeavor across paid, owned, earned or shared, is highly negotiated and optimized to ensure maximum (though targeted) exposure. These efforts ensure that our clients’ budgets are extended well beyond their investments.

Media Research


communications strategy

planning and buying


Whether in-house or through established strategic alliances, our services are tailor-made for each individual client. Our Capabilities include:

Media Strategy

  • Full-Funnel Marketing Support
  • Define Measurable Goals
  • Plan Development per KPI
  • Budget Optimization

Media Mix Analysis

  • Custom activations with international talent firms, amplified across multiple media channels (usage negotiated)
  • Tik Tok Brand Creator programs (optioned through the platform)
  • Media leveraged influencer programs with prominent content publishers

Target Analysis

  • Custom audiences built per platform considered
  • LCG uses syndicated tools, proprietary algorithms, and works with each media partner to craft specific audience segments


    Custom studies in partnership with:
  • Ipsos
  • Kantar Millward Brown
  • Google / YouTube
  • Site Direct Partners
  • Zeta Global

Planning Tools

  • MRI
  • Ipsos Affluent Study
  • Comscore
  • Nielsen
  • eMarketer
  • Kantar (competitive)

Reporting / Optimization

  • 3rd Party Ad Serving
  • Advanced Attribution Modeling
  • Customer Data Analytics / Intelligence

Digital Video

  • Optimal spot mix analysis
  • A/B Creative Testing
  • Curated site lists
  • Negative Keyword / Whitelist / Blacklist to reach best prospects

Site Direct

  • Custom Content
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Social Amplification Extensions of Partner Handles
  • High-Impact Takeovers
  • Best-in class programming

OTT / Streaming

  • Platform Analysis
  • Creative Best Practices / Guidance
  • Negotiation for optimal rotations


  • Investments, positions, added value programs negotiated / secured
  • Moderation of meetings between editorial and publishing teams
  • Monitor vitality of publications

Paid Social

  • Advanced Layered Targeting
  • Conversant on all platforms
  • Campaigns: Conversion, Consideration, CTA, CRM, Qualified Traffic, etc.
  • LCG proprietary audience modeling


  • Determine most effective metrics and conversion goals
  • Development of keyword target list
  • Daily/weekly bid management to maximize site traffic / engagement
  • Weekly creative optimization

Linear TV

  • National / Regional
  • Negotiate for advantageous pricing and programming
  • Standards / clearance / traffic guidelines, pod position instruction, allowances, etc.


  • Market viability & opportunity overview
  • Negotiate & secure all locations
  • POP / Completion Photos


  • Define optimal stations per market
  • Recommended Daypart Mix
  • Negotiation of various units: standard, live, show integration, sponsorship, etc.


  • Access to 2.5 Bn data points
  • Custom taxonomy tool
  • Curated retargeting
  • Quality prospecting
  • Sequential messaging


  • Programming analysis
  • Custom integrations
  • Sponsorship negotiations

Traffic Management

  • Cross-checking that specs across all media match media plan
  • TV to pass clearance / ISCI code generation, etc.
  • Digital: LCG works with Flashtalking (3rd party ad serving partner) to get conversion pixels and tags set up
  • QA testing

Influencer Marketing

  • Custom activations with international talent firms, amplified across multiple media channels (usage negotiated)
  • Tik Tok Brand Creator programs (optioned through the platform)
  • Media leveraged influencer programs with prominent content publishers

Attribution Modeling (Studies)

  • Cross-channel attribution
  • Consumer path to purchase analysis
  • Algorithmic cross-device recognition
  • Define best media outlets for continued investment

Custom Reports

  • Affinity Analysis
  • GDS Custom Dashboards
  • GA Analysis
  • Global KPI charts

Experiential Activations

  • Location analysis and designation
  • Negotiation of entire activation
  • Partner company initiates permits, ordinances, build outs, talent, staffing, routing, etc.

Creative Services

  • Digital, video, and social banners / ad adjustments
  • Print resizing / copy adjustments
  • Creative best practices shared per channel

PR to Media Value Analysis

  • Evaluation of editorial credits earned (as supplied by the brand)
  • Media equivalent value calculation
  • Performance analysis per partner

Our Clients

luXe collective group represents some of the finest luxury and premium brands in the world. It’s intimate understanding of how to properly represent these brands in the media world is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our Work

luXe collective group prides itself on maintaining the utmost discretion regarding our clients' results and therefore has elected not to publish case studies online.

We are tremendously proud of the results we have achieved for our clients and would welcome the opportunity to discuss this during an in-person meeting or share once properly vetted.

Please reach out to for more information.

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